TasDads co-founders and Dadministrators Anthony, Brennan and Sam


TasDads is a dads group dedicated to promoting positive parenting, providing access to resources, and supporting Tasmanian fathers and father figures – expecting, new or seasoned.

There’s no doubt that with the overwhelming joy of parenthood, it can also have its challenges. TasDads aims to assist fathers that may be quietly suffering with mental illness, feelings of social isolation or disconnect from their children and families. We give dads a place to speak freely and safely while forming lasting friendships with like-minded fathers.

We provide a platform for dads to connect with other dads, sharing their experiences and the ups and downs of parenting. This is primarily through active and growing Facebook groups in Hobart and the South as well as Launceston and the North. Our groups also allow dads to reach out and find the right support services for them in times of difficulty.

On top of our online communities, we offer a range of organised in-person catch-ups with and without children, as well as larger family events.

Together we can break down social barriers and help improve the health and wellbeing of men and their families, including the mental health issues some experience with being a dad – which can at times sadly result in social isolation, the breakdown of families, or even end with suicide.

Our mission is to help Tasmanian dads and father figures feel confident, supported and connected. Through connection and shared experiences, we can empower dads to be the best fathers they can be.


Our vision is Tasmanian dads and father figures feeling confident, supported and connected – positively impacting their wellbeing and that of their children, families and communities.


To provide a platform, both physical and virtual, for dads and father figures at all stages of their children’s development to connect with each other and relevant resources and services.


Our work is guided and informed by our beliefs:


We strive to create an extensive local peer support network that connects dads with each other to share common experiences, form friendships and feel part of a community.


We believe in providing dads with a richer understanding of parenting through shared experiences and resources, so they feel better equipped to be the best dad they can be.


We are committed to the members of our community, improving men's health, and providing a platform that is accessible to all dads.

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We believe that encouraging dads to be heavily involved in parenting has a positive impact on the wellbeing of their children, families and greater community.

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We strive to connect dads with the support they need through our strategic partnerships with support services.

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We value a community built on understanding and free of judgement, where dads can feel safe to reach out and open up.


ABC Radio Hobart Community Spirit Award Winners

We were very lucky to be nominated and selected as winners of the social media community category of ABC Radio Hobart's inaugural Community Spirit Awards in 2021.

Listen to Dadministrator Brennan Wilson talk about TasDads on 'Your Afternoon with Mel Bush' here.